Saturday, January 22, 2011

St. Vincent's Paganalia

It's that day of the year again:

St Vincent's Day

or Paganalia

Herrardo was working at Chaine d'Or all day to finish up the last of the pruning. I also went up to help him and do a little work in the winery. There were just seven short rows left so it was not too much work.

I also stopped by our local church to drop off the traditional wine offering for Father Bennett who actually prefers to be called Father Chris. He did a wonderful service last year when Bill passed away and the entire staff at the church was great to my Mom. I wanted to thank him again for that and hoped he's say a prayer for the wines again this year.

We'll have a small party tonight to celebrate. Stef is going to make paella and we're going to open Spanish and Portuguese wine. For the last few years, in keeping with the Pagan theme, this has been a pajama party. Come as comfortable as you can get yourself.

In years past we've done this as a large party with 20-30 people. Stef and I decided though that this year we were going to make the winter parties smaller with just enough guests that we can sit everyone at the tables (10-14). The house is just too small for more than that if we get bad weather or cold. In the warmer months we usually spill outside and that makes it much more comfortable. We also can use the grills outside then and cooking for bigger groups is easier.

The first 'big' party we're working on will likely be in late April. I have a new cigar humidor and we'll break that in with a red meat, red wine, cigars and whiskey party.

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Dave said...

I'm really surprised that you didn't make a Father Chris Mass joke there.