Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mineral Hill Vineyard

I'm sure we'll come up with a bunch of different names for this site before we actually get grapes, but as of yesterday I was set on Mineral Hill. As the crew drilled post holes a bunch of different rocks showed up in the soil.

I brought home jasper, serpentine, yellow and red sandstone, chalk, something volcanic and porous, an aggregate, quartz and quartz crystals. They hit river rock and tree roots that slowed them down in a couple of spots, but mostly it went smoothly.

Gerardo and Paul, Mt. Umunhum in the background peeking out through the clouds. The latest news is that there are plans to demolish and remove the tower before they open the park to the public.

The posts...

The post holes...
Paul wanted to make sure I got a picture of him working so that you don't think he just stands around supervising the whole time. Gerardo and his brother-in-law Gil drilled the holes and Paul cleaned out excess debris then helped hoist the auger out when it got caught.

One of 34 posts...

They actually set 22 posts before fatigue set in and the light rain started. There are 4 holes that have to be excavated by hand because of roots so we'll head back later in the week and finish that up.

I'm hoping Paul will remember to upload the pictures of the rocks and Bruce the dog, he's going to be a great vineyard dog. We're very excited with this piece of property and looking forward to getting it online.

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