Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Orleans and Miami Pictures

Just a few pictures from our trip. I know Stefania has a lot more so I hope she uploads them soon.

Getting supplied up in our apartment in New Orleans for the week. Cigars and the fixings for Manhattans that we like to enjoy on afternoons in the courtyard.

Hurricane's at Pat O's. On days we weren't in our courtyard in the afternoon, we were here. They had heaters and on some afternoons we needed them.

We stay one block over from this location. We've stayed on Dauphine between Orleans and St Ann for several trips in a row now.

I think we went to Coop's 5 or 6 times in total. There is always a line now to get a table. This was a Tuesday night at 8PM.

Besides walking all the way through the Marigny and Bywater to eat at 'The Joint' on Monday we ventured out to St Bernard's Parish on Tuesday night to visit with Fay at her second job. Fay is the regular bartender at Coop's and makes the best Bloody Mary I've ever had.

Usually when we visit in October the crawfish are not in season. This time though Stefania was able to find them and order a huge basket.

As we got to the bottom of this basket of 40 or so I peeled the tails for her while she cracked the heads.

Then we were on to Miami, so a change in afternoon cocktails to Margaritas.

We had a great dinner Thursday night and Stephanie and Ari's (see the Florida Key's Girl link on our page). We also went three times to Jaguar in Coconut Grove for ceviche by the spoon.

Saturday night we were hosted at a traditional Cuban pig roast. Here's the 50 pound guy in his marinade.

The box is called a Caja China or China Box. This is the pig almost ready to come out as our host Jorge manhandles the charcoal.

And the guest of honor eating the pigs ear.

We had an amazing trip and we're already looking forward to our next trip to Florida.


Florida Keys Girl said...

Glad you had a good trip... look for some more photos and my version of the dinner recap on the blog tomorrow! Hopefully we will see you again soon!

Paul Romero said...

We both left dinner and said "Did you take any pictures?" "Nope". Loved the salad and white fish.