Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You Miami

The only thing missing in this picture is a glass of wine...thank you Jorge and Mairi for a wonderful experience in Florida. This truly was one of those epic "Great Food Great Friends and Great Wine" events.

I'll be back online later with more pics per Paul's request. I had forgotten just how many shots I captured of crooked architecture in New Orleans. I was teasing Millie that it would drive a carpenter nuts to have to work with the odd angles.

Also, I have pics of our new housemates and stained glass valentine cookies to upload.

Right now though, it's back to printing the offer letters, the Spring Release will be in the mail as soon as Friday of this week.

Cheers and thanks again to the folks in Florida that hosted us!


Keith said...

I have been reading San Josse blogs lately, and many San Jose bloggers are far from home... I don't know where we grow grapes out here, but I think it marvelous to have vintners in the Silicon Valley! Cheers!

Paul Romero said...

Keith - There are many small vineyard within the city limits of San Jose. Ours is in the Blossom Valley off Hwy 85 and Blossom Hill Road.

Anonymous said...

Great sweatshirt!
-from NOLA