Thursday, February 03, 2011

Web Site Update Coming

We're in the process now of getting bids to update our site. Look for changes in the next month or two. We plan on changing the color scheme some with more greens.

The amount of content will also be reduced. When the site was first put together in 2005 we provided a lot of background information that we will now remove. The wine releases will also be better organized with data on past release on individual pages for each year.

I'm also hoping we will have a better sign up page. Our current one is unreliable and prone to errors or returning the wrong data on a successful sign up. We're also going to be integrating the blog into the website. I'm not sure if we'll move the entire blog over, I suspect we won't, but at very least we will have an RSS feed that will provide the latest blog entry on the website.

The pictures will also be refreshed on the site.

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