Friday, May 16, 2008

Our web 2.0 Adventures

About 4 weeks ago I signed up on myspace. Stef had signed up because her brother Hans had signed up and sent her a note. So I thought I'd sign up too. What a pain in the ass the site was. After fighting with the set up process for 45 minutes, then spending 15 minutes figuring out how to get this Tom guy off my friends list I sent Stef a note:

"I'm on myspace now, you can make me your friend."

to which she replied:

"I'm on facebook dumbass."


So off to facebook a went. That was a marginally less stupid sign up and set up process and there was a feature to actually find people I already know who were on facebook. So I sent notes off to about a dozen people and had about a dozen people add me in. Stef even posted on my 'board':

"Facebook = Lamebook".

Feeling the web 2.0 love.

But I gave it a try and I think I've learned I am squarely in the generation that this stuff is not meant for.

I've still got those 10-12 people linked on facebook, but I find the site about as compelling as Miracle Whip. I've got no reason to go there or use it, and it doesn't really beat actually talking to those 10-12 people. I'd rather invite them over, open a bottle of wine and catch up with them, than read what they did today on line.

Myspace, well that's 'Lameface'. I'm proud to be friendless. Not that I don't get offers every few days from 'Rachel', or 'Lisa", to come be their friends and look at the naughty pictures they took, but I really didn't need another way for SPAM to reach me. I do take a certain joy though in marking those invites as SPAM. It always amazes me that their 'profiles' have notes from 10-15 guys who added them as friends with such witty commentary as 'Yo baby, thanks for lookin me up'. Which brings me back to the Miracle Whip commentary as in, "these guys are dumber than Miracle Whip."

So, you can send me an add request. I might get to it. You might even be the first myspace person to not be a porn site, but I'd still rather invite you over for a bottle of wine.


Taster B said...

I feel your pain. Like you, I'm on facebook but I never use it. I really never got it--I don't see the point...

I would however, urge you to join twitter if you're interested in Wine 2.0. There is a whole wine blogging/industry network on twitter and its almost like having people over and chatting except you can't share the wine.
Twitter kicks FB's butt.


Paul Romero said...

twitter sounds like it would go well with the 'dumbass' theme. I'll check it out.

Dave said...

I'm on Wasteofspacebook, though I rarely log on to it. I'm firmly of the opinion that Facebook really doesn't matter (and wrote a blog article about it recently.

Don't sign up for any of the stupid games either; it's just giving up your personal data for no return and you'll get inundated with "Bacn" - spam that you signed up for.

This YouTube video highlights what Facebook would look like in real life - very funny indeed.

As for twitter I would certainly recommend it. I've blogged about how effective it is; it's how I first learned about the Summit Fire and how I tracked the SF Olympic Torch protest. You can follow me at

Paul Romero said...

Yesterday as we stilled laughed about this posting, Stef and I wondered, "What ever happened to Friendster?" Wasn't that the one that started it?

"I'm on facebook dumbass", still sets us off laughing.