Saturday, May 31, 2008

Your Stefania Wine Order has NOT Shipped.

Sorry to everyone in New York, New Jersey and Michigan who received a message this morning that your order shipped. You probably thought, "Is he insane shipping on a Saturday?"

It's a software error at the shipping company. I sent those orders in weeks ago and they are processed and then lined up for shipment. They had a hold on them though as we were still waiting for label clearance from those states.

When the shipper removes the hold from the computer, the "Your Order Has Shipped" email goes out automatically. I complained about this last fall, and they told me they had fixed it, but it looks like the software glitch has remained.

Bottom line though is the boxes are still sitting in the climate controlled warehouse in Napa, waiting for pick up next week by Fed Ex.

Sorry for the confusion, I'll speak to the shipper about it again on Monday.

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