Thursday, March 12, 2009

Match on Wine TV

Stef and I have been buying Randy's wines since his first release of his 2002. We actually went up to visit him before the release and I was so impressed with the vineyard and barrel samples that I was hooked then.

Stef usually buys a few 1/2 bottles and I get 4-6 full size bottles. Over the years I've dropped almost all of my Napa Valley purchases. The wine just got to expensive and was a poor value for the money. This past year I stopped buying Lewis, and Match is now the only Napa Cab I buy regularly. Stef also buys Karl Lawrence, and I buy Lagier Meredith Syrah from Napa, but otherwise we've both mostly looked elsewhere for wine.

You can buy a single bottle from Match if you're interested in trying the wine, or come visit and we'll open a bottle for you too :)

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