Friday, March 20, 2009

Update on 'The Guy With The Notebook".

In my blog about the recent trade shows I was talking about the public session and I said:

"I love the guy with a notebook... That notebook means the person is serious about wine, and more importantly looking for something new and memorable. I'm confident in my wine. I know if they are taking it seriously and giving it a chance, they'll be impressed."

Check out the posting below to see just what I meant:

Phil Carpenter actually introduced himself and we spent a good amount of time talking and visiting with him and his family. His Father-in-Law really liked our Cabs if I remember right and Phil sent me an email after the show offering to take our wines in to show a local retailer friend of his.

I never met Dustin Buchko. At least he didn't introduce himself to me, he was just one of about a dozen people who took long and serious notes. He gave our wines great scores, 92+ for the Eaglepoint Ranch Syrah, 92 for the Uvas Creek Cabernet and 93 for the Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet. I also think he took great notes, consistent with how I describe the wines. He also pointed out the floral noses on our wines. That's something I've very proud of and I work hard to get. I love that in a wine I drink and really want our wines to have that quality.

A thread like that can mean 10-12 new sign ups for us if people keep posting on it and commenting. I just know that from experience. 10-12 new people willing to try our wine is huge for us. That's exactly the connection we're after.

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