Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CFL Light Bulbs and the Environment

I can't be the only person dissatisfied with these new lightbulbs. I really want to do the right thing for the environment and energy savings yadda yadda, but these bulbs have been nothing but a frustrating pain in the patooter. Is it just me?

The latest failure is photographed below. I knew I smelled something off the other night but never found the culprit - the odor dissipated quickly and I failed to note the burnt out bulb (in a bathroom fixture that uses three bulbs).

Why wouldn't I notice a burned out bulb after flipping on the switch? They're never bright right away anyway since they take a bit to reach full lumens...that's a minor complaint overall, but still something I've never fully appreciated.

Gripe number two? These damn things are expensive and are NOT lasting as long as they are supposed to. I've got two 25watt incandescent bulbs out front that I burn every night all night long and only replace them every couple of years or so...the bathroom fixture, which is still relatively new (four years ago I put it in?) and I've had to replace all 3 bulbs already, one I had to replace the second day after buying it. Total and complete failure these things.

I did a walk-thru the house just now and counted 63 lightbulbs - most of them are incandescent and have not been replaced nor have they burned out since I moved in ten years ago. Except the two outside that I mentioned. However...of the flourescent bulbs I bought to save money and energy, I've already been through a box of 12. In four years I've had to throw away more toxic waste than I think is worth for saving a few pennies on the electric bill.

Gripe number can't toss these out in the regular trash. Tell me, when your bulbs burn out, do you drive them back to the hardware store for recycling? Do you make an appointment with your cities hazardous waste collection site? Do you do dispose of them properly?

Note the melted base on the left where the tube meets the plastic. Super.

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kenneth said...

uggh, I hate CFL bulbs too-
I switched some of my main lamps to those and have had to replace them a few times already