Thursday, June 03, 2010

iPhone Update, 15 months later...

Remember how iNlove I was with my new iPhone? What do I say? I've never been a phone person so that part of the gadget is virtually worthless to me, however...

I'm a text junky. I admit. Paul and I will text each other while sitting side by side on the couch...lame huh? You should have seen our first cell bill after we discovered that function. Good times.

Next came the apps. I'm very selective about the toys I'll put on my phone, mostly because I'm overwhelmed by the choices. I'm to the point of needing an adviser to help me decide what tools I really want or need. The most useful one for the winery is Swipe. It lets us process credit cards remotely for wine sold at events.

I seldom use the camera feature, but find myself taking notes more often that I would have thought. I downloaded a decibel reader, to see how loud Kathy and Millie's "little mutt" really is when she snores, and I play the occasional game of Frogger.

The greatest use so far has been checking email, using google for crossword term searches, and other internet stuff.

I've set the stage. I'm ready for an iPad. From everything I've read, it's exactly what I want and need. I can move Swipe over to it and it becomes a business expense.

As for an update on the iPhone, let me tell you a quick story. Paul had the original one, I waited for 3G. Last month he dropped his, again, on the concrete crushpad and it shattered the glass. I gave him mine, we switched out our sim cards and I bought some press on cover protectors...for now it will have to do.

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