Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bird Netting Again

I wrote a good long piece last year on netting:


It's that time again. Jerry started Monday and just will wrap up the Crimson Clover vineyard today. Arstradero will take 2-3 days and Chaine d'Or should take 2-3 days also.

Vista Verde is a bit of an unknown right now. I think it will also take 2-3 days but we have not done it before so we're not sure how long it might take. We're also delayed in Vista Verde by a broken weedwhacker. It's in the shop right now being repaired and about 1/2 the vineyard still needs to be cleared so the nets will go on.

Until I read the blog from last year I thought we might me a little behind, but we'll definitely finish before the 25th this year. Once the nets are on we're in monitor mode. No more work to do in the vineyards until harvest except taking samples. The weather has been fantastic the last few weeks and I think harvest will probably start right around September 20th with Chardonnay.

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