Friday, August 28, 2009

Day One in Chicago

It was rainy and cool in the morning so Stef and I spent about an hour in the hotel gym. We had lunch at Catch 35 right next to the hotel, then headed down Michigan Ave. for some shopping. I miss Marshall Fields, but we did hit a few favorites and popped into the Apple store. I only took one picture yesterday, a day view from our room.

We had a nice get together from 5-7 and opened one of every wine we've made. The Pinot Noir went fast, I didn't get any. The Uvas Creek Cabs also showed very well. We then headed off to dinner at Flemings for more tasting. We had about 12-15 1999 California Cabernet's and a selection of other wines. Flemings set us up in a very nice private room and we had great service.

We closed the night back in our room again with about 8 of us finishing off the Cabs. I finally got into bed about 1:30. Today we're off to the art museum and still haven't finalized dinner plans. I'm leaning towards deep dish pizza at Gino's.

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