Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Restaurant James Randall, Los Gatos

We are headed to Los Gatos tonight as one of the featured winemakers of the Santa Cruz Mountains at Restaurant James Randall.


This will be my first winemaker dinner and I'm very nervous. Excited too, and a little giddy.

I booked a table for five tonight; joining Paul and I are Kathy and Millie, and Millie's sister Ila who is here on vacation from Colorado. When we aren't putting her to work we treat her to good food and wines, lots and lots of them.

Last year when Ila was here she helped plant new vines at an installation in Morgan Hill. It doesn't sound like very hard work, but let me just say this: When your day to day work lifestyle has you at a desk in front of computer, anything above and beyond an hour in the field is exhausting. I know. It took me a couple of seasons of working in the vineyards before I was able to make it past a couple of hours.

When our summer intern came to help out, Paul insisted she break for 15 minutes after each hour of work. "Sit down in the shade, consume some calories or a sport drink, and make sure you get water in you".

I wonder if I'll talk about that tonight...I have no idea what to say to a room full of strangers.

Well anyway, I'm looking forward to it, I think it will be a good time.

There are still some open tables available if you are interested, call to make a reservation and we'll see you there.


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