Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's That Time Again

Last year I wrote this blog about this time of the season:

We're in it again. The nets are on and done, the grapes are thinned and the work in the vineyard is done. Now we wait, and worry, and worry and wait. We'll have a heat spell for sure before it's over, and a threat of rain too I bet.

Now we'll try to focus on other things and let the grapes be grapes and do what nature does with them. We're headed to Chicago for a 5 day vacation and a big wine party this Saturday. Thursday night we'll be pouring our wine for friends in Chicago. When we get back we will pick up the gym routine and make the final training camp push before harvest.

Right now our focus will be on getting ourselves ready for harvest. The grapes, they will take care of themselves. It's time for us to stop being 'helicopter parents'.

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