Monday, August 10, 2009

Mount Umunhum

Mount Umunhum has been in the news recently. There is talk of tearing down the building up there and opening the space to the public. The only reason I bring this up or even mention it is because this landmark is part of our branding.

When I created the painting for our label, Paul was very clear about what his vision was for our brand, for his brand. He wanted a view of "his" mountains, the view that he grew up with, and the view we still have today from our home.

Over the years, numerous antennae have sprouted atop Mt. Madonna, but I know for me personally, if they remove the tower off Mt. Um that I will miss seeing the landmark.

The picture I took at the top of this page, (our site header) shows Mt. Madonna to the far left and Mt. Umunhum is to the far right...the wikipedia link above has a couple more photos for reference and part of the story.

The photo I took was taken from up top of the parking garage at Oakridge Mall in San Jose. I'm hoping to capture the fog spilling over the top one of these days, but I always seem to miss just the right moment. When the fog spills over the top of the mountain, it envelopes the tower, like that famous wave photo surrounding the lighthouse (wasn't that photo-shopped?) :-)


upshift said...

I've seen the fog you talk about...and from up on the hill. It has a magical feel to it. Seen it many times and I never get tired of it.

Paul Romero said...

I remember pretty specifically the conversation with Stefania. She asked: "Are you sure you want the radar tower there, no one will notice it." I said, "I'll know, Wes will know, I want it on there".

It really has been something that is part of our every day view here, and also a reminder of when we worried about submarines off our coasts.

I find it ironic that people will rally around saving a falling down old house where nothing much ever important happened (The Jobs house, and let's call it the Jobs house, because Steve Jobs is about 1000 times more famous and more important than the original owner), but everyone thinks it's a good idea to tear down something that actually is historic.

I know the tower needs to be cleaned up, but I'll be very sad to see it torn down.

Dave said...

It annoys me that it's deemed necessary to tear it down. The problem is that it's full of asbestos, so surely a better and cheaper solution would be to have some kind of sealant that can be sprayed everywhere to prevent the fibres being released.

Safe demolition and clean up is going to be very expensive - I found a report that says they are asking for $11 million.