Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bottling Day is Almost Here!

Stefania has been hard at work pulling together all the moving parts. For those of you with some manufacturing in your background, this is 'Just in Time' manufacturing at its best. Here's Stef's summary:

Bottling Itinerary:
This Saturday, Paul and I will be there to filter and transfer the Chardonnay and prep one of the red wines into tank. Sunday we'll be back up if there is anything else pending from Saturday, otherwise we'll be back up again on Monday.
Nitrogen delivery tomorrow 4/27
Forklift 9a.m. Monday 5/3
Glass delivery from CWT before noon also Monday 5/3
Matt, Artisan Mobile Bottling, after noon Monday 5/3
Bottling 8a.m. Tuesday 5/4

Corks, labels and foils are now all on hand. Foils will go on the bottles that get the Chaine d'Or label. We'll be bottling four different wines.

If I can get a network connection on Tuesday I'll try and get pictures up every few hours.

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