Friday, April 16, 2010

Public Events

"Winery registration fee is $550"

$550! That doesn't include the wine we'll pour, and if it's away from home, which they always are, the travel and hotel. I think I'm declaring that we are done with these events. We'll still do charity events to support charities we like, but the 'for pay' wine event just does not make any sense for a winery to attend.

First there's the cost. $550 is outrageous. The winery is the attraction, it's the reason there is an event. No wineries, no event. So why charge so much? One thing these events always try and promote is that they are attracting 'high income buyers'. Bullshit. I'll say it. Bullshit. If you want to attract high income buyers, charge $50 not $10. $10 attracts drunkards.

Many events don't even try and pretend about that aspect anymore. Instead they promote a 'trade session'. The idea is it's closed to the public and only open to 'trade buyers'. Yeah, more bullshit. The big distributors and retailers give out the trade tickets to their employees and customers. They treat it like a free drinking party.

If I'm going to spend $550, 2 cases of wine and travel on a party it's not going to be to get a bunch of people I don't know or care about drunk. I'd much rather spend that money getting out and visiting personally with people who already buy our wine. Better yet I'd rather spend it entertaining them at the winery and our home.

So we are taking that budget money this year, and saying no to the public events. We're hoping to have some travel plans together soon. We'd like to get to the East Coast, DC, Philly, NJ/NY and Boston. We also would like to get to Florida this year. It's always better to pour wines for friends!


Dave said...

Which event was this? I've often wondered how much it costs wineries to attend these big tastings, and how much it really costs the organisers to stage one.

Paul Romero said...

Family Winemakers, which is actually probably the best one we've done. The SCuMWA is $350 or $400. The most important person at that event is you Dave. For $400 I can send a town car to go fetch you and drive you to the winery for a private tasting. I'd rather do that than give them $400!

Nickname unavailable said...


If you even want to do a tasting in DC, let me know. We have a great spot on the Potomac River in Georgetown and have hosted tastings for Pax, Inman Family Wines, Ken Forrester and a few others. We can usually get about 20 serious wine drinkers (and buyers) from our firm to attend and there is room for more if you want to invite some of your local mailing list members to attend. We supply the stemware and light food.



Paul Romero said...


We are planning a East Coast trip for early September. We will stop in DC for sure. I want to bring along our Fall Release wines so people get a chance to try them out.


Frank Nerney said...


If you are coming to the Philly/South Jersey area, let me know. I'm sure your friends from the Jersey Foodies Blog (F Scott and Zelda)will want to put something together and my wife and I would certainly like to meet you guys. Mark just recently turned me on to Stefania Wines and I just received my first shipment. Kepp in touch.

Frank Nerney

Paul Romero said...


I visit to Philly/South Jersey is on the list also. We wouldn't miss the chance to catch up with Mark. Right now I'm thinking I'd like to be in Philly for a Saturday night event if we can swing it, which would let us do DC Thursday or Friday and NY early the next week.