Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Passed.

Results were posted yesterday on the CDP website. I passed all four tests I needed to take. The hardest was something called the QAL test which included questions about aircraft spraying of pesticides, requirements of pesticide dealers and about 120 other questions on things I'll never have to deal with.

In fact there was just one question about grapes, and that was about spraying a chemical rated 'Danger' with a re-entry of seven days, from an airplane. I'd never use a 'Danger' chemical, anything with a seven day re-entry, or spray from an airplane, but I think I got that question right anyway.

This is the same license the huge pest control companies have, and after talking with a private instructor and the state office, I actually didn't need that level of license. They both say I got bad advice from the local county office. Still, it's not bad to have I suppose, just in case I would need to use it. I also passed the new test to use SO2 gas in the winery. Something else we don't do, but again good to have just in case I need to at some point.

There are still a few follow up things I need to do and I'll try and get those done today and tomorrow, but one more of government things behind us.

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