Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Review and Crimson Clover

Both pouring events this weekend went well.

Traffic on Saturday to Santa Cruz wasn't even too bad and we arrived early enough to have a bite to eat and a Margarita.

Sunday we visited the Crimson Clover vineyard. We wanted to check on how the vines are doing and the progress the owners are making.

We're going to ask them to turn on the water for a bit this week to help some vines in the upper part of the vineyard. There are also some active gophers they'll need to deal with. Other than that things looked really good and it looks like there will be a healthy yield this year.

The rows look a little shabby at this time of year. The vines aren't tucked up into the wires until after they flower. When that happens the base of the shoot hardens off and it's ok to move and bend the shoot. If you try to do that now the shoot will break. By the time summer touring season arrives though the vines will be tucked up nice and neat.

Here you can see the tiny clusters and a few just starting to flower. One thing I noted yesterday is that the little valley Crimson Clover is in is much cooler than the surrounding area. The temperature dropped from 89 to 84 as we entered the valley and vineyard site.

That was about all we did outside yesterday. Temperatures peaked at 101 at our house and we mostly hid inside waiting on cooler weather the rest of this week.

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