Friday, May 08, 2009

Yes It's New

We did get all the wine loaded on the truck ok, and it's now sitting safely in storage at California Wine Transport in San Jose. That's time for a big sigh and finally letting the stress of bottling go.

Stefania spent yesterday cleaning up the garage and trying to recover from bottling. The garage gets pretty mucked up in the spring as we use it for storage of things like labels, corks, new vines coming in and the occasional decommissioned wine barrel. It's all back to normal now.

I finally gave the blog page an update with a new template and matching color scheme. It was time for the green to go! I also added a link to our sign up page for our mailing list. You'll see a networked blog link now from Facebook as well as information on adding us as a friend.

We didn't do a 'fan' page for Stefania Wine. We'd rather think of everyone who buys wine from us as friends, not fans, so the link is to Paul's page, which Stef mostly updates :)

Let us know what you think of the new look. Next on our list of things to update is our website, and that should be coming soon.

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