Wednesday, May 27, 2009

iPhun in, we're having too much fun with iPhone and iPod. I've never been one to promote anything technological or even care, but Steve Jobs is a genius.

It's quite possible that I use nearly every single function daily. The calendar and alerts, the timer, the notepad, the camera, web browser, email, phone, text, music, calculator (which I love, nice big numerical display!), and a selection of add-ons.

The biggest problem with this new gadget is...nothing. I have no problem ignoring people (phone, email, text), but I'm finding that when it's plugged in and playing music, I'll stop to pick it up when the phone rings -- because I'm alerted to the fact that it's ringing because the music stops. Go figure.

Great tool, great toy, and I'm not stuck indoors at a desk for work. It's perfect for days when I'm mobile at a vineyard or the winery and still need to check in and track the office work.

Ok, off my soapbox and prepping the email list for Paul to send out reminders that we're going to open the winery on the 13th for a few hours to overlap with Santa Cruz Mountains Vintners Festival.


Dave said...

I love my Jesus phone too. The only problems with it are

1) the battery life - you HAVE to charge it every night; and opften top it up during the day, especially if you use it a lot and/or have a bluetooth headset. I have at least half a dozen docking cables dotted around; one in each car, bedroom, study, office etc.

2) You have to reboot it periodically, otherwise it slows down dramatically. I've missed quite a few calls simply because the screen wasn't responding.

A better camera would be nice; there's no focus and the low light "bites nards" as they say. And I wish it had shortcuts like the old Palm did, or that you could customise the auto-completion. And that you could use Skype or listen to podcasts over bluetooth. But those are minor complaints.

Stefania said...

I have a quick comment...I just added another App, this one is seriously geeky. It's a knitting counter. Knit Counter by Cordless Dog. Having the screen on full time will eat into the battery life, but like you Dave, I too keep a series of docking cables about for more juice.

Cheers, Stef