Monday, May 04, 2009

Part II

It's been a pretty busy day and we are still waiting on Millie to get electrical hooked up and Stefania is cleaning hoses right now.

Earlier in the day she took a break with the new puppy.

We also got the 2007 Chaine d'Or Cabernet Sauvignon into tank and prepared for bottling. In the photo below you can see the red wine in the hose.

I got the glass truck unloaded ok with no major incidents. We have rain in the forecast so Stef covered everything with tarps.

There are a total of 450 cases of empty glass now staged on the pad.

The truck showed up about 2:30 and it only took him 40 minutes to back into position. The hill is steep and the turns are sharp.

He'll get everything hooked up and ready tonight so we can start first thing Wednesday morning. Normally he'd arrive the day before, but he asked if he could set up on Monday and leave the truck over Tuesday, which was fine with us. Stef should be finished with the hoses soon and we might get to leave before 6PM.

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