Monday, July 13, 2009

More Los Gatos Follow Up.

We get asked to do a lot of events. I mean alot. We could triple book most Saturdays and fill the week days. We could easily give away all the wine we make if we did every event we were asked to pour at. So we are pretty picky about what we will do. One question we always ask each other at the end of an event is : "Was that a good event?"

The criteria for a positive answer is : "Did you have fun." If we had fun, it was a good event. Saturday was a good event. You can tell from Stef's smile:

Since so many people picked up our little cards and we spent so much time chatting with people I thought I'd review a few of our housekeeping items.

1. There's a link here to sign up for our mailing list. That will insure you get offers for our lower production wines as well as news about the four days per year we open the winery.

2. We update our day to day activities here. A mix of vineyard activity, winery news, and whatever else is going on.

3. We do have a Facebook link, it is paul@stefaniawine .com, we don't have a 'fan' page. Both Stef and I update that, which is probably against Facebooks rules, but we do it anyway. We don't want to have 'fans', we want to have friends, so we've set it up this way. "Make Friends" is our Mission Statement, that's why we make wine.

And a little bit for long time friends, especially those back east. We pronounce it Lahs Gadtoze, much like we say San-O-zay. If you pronounce it right, people will just know you're a tourist, or new in town!

We saw hundreds of dogs out for a walk, but just this one little feral rescue kitty.

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