Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Website Refresh on the Way

We admit it - we've let www.stefaniawine.com get a little stale. Most of our on line efforts have been here on the blog, or on Facebook. Both are better ways of keeping up with us than the website has been.

Last Friday though we sat down to do a much needed refresh. We started with an update of the front page, the wines section (adding 2007 and 2008 wines) and the vineyard section. Following company rules mojitos were prepared for the staff before we started. Here our friend Amber and Stef get started.

It's very hard to not enjoy work with a Mojito. I joked that Amber is now our "I.T." department. I keep notes on each wine and sat across from Stef and Amber as we went through each wine. Stef also wants to update the photo and events sections over the next couple of weeks so look for more changes soon. We should have everything totally updated by the end of the month.

After we finished up for the day we started in on the wine line up for the night. A few other friends joined us, we didn't drink all these on our own! We started with a really terrible run of 3 TCA tainted wines out of the first 4 bottles we opened, but things eventually settled down.


Anonymous said...

I like the red shirt.

Good luck on the updating.


Stefania said...

Inside the fleur de lis it says, "rebuild".


Found a couple of typo's on the update...fixing those this week and adding new pics.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I've seen quite a few of those around here during the past few years