Friday, July 03, 2009

What Our Intern's Been Up To!

In case you haven't been following Rachel's blog updates I thought I'd add a few pictures of the work we've had her doing over the past few weeks.

Basically she's been turning this:

Into this:

With flowering now done she's been thinning the rows and getting everything tucked up into the wires. Chaine d'Or is the last vineyard to flower and the last to tuck up. She's been worried that she goes so much slower than Jerry, but she's actually gotten pretty fast, and we're worried about doing it right, not doing it fast.

It's been great having her this summer. She'll be headed back to Georgia and school soon. Too bad she'll miss harvest and getting to see the rewards of her hard work, but we'll make sure she gets samples of the wines in the years ahead.

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Woodland Fay said...

Our rows are looking equally neat after Nick's endless tucking, trimming and tying in. The Merlot is growing faster than he can work the rows! Here's to a great harvest, chin, chin.