Friday, July 17, 2009

Suburban Vineyard Photo Update

Paul did a quick pass with the weedwhacker last weekend and trimmed most of the cover crop. The clover was expiring but there were still a lot of blooming wildflowers.

We'll do another pass this weekend to clean up the last of the "weeds" and call it good for the season.

I gave all the plants a good dose of water today and fetilized the struggling lavender, then put away the hose. I'll water the rosemary, sage, and lavender until they are well established, but I'm done watering the grape vines unless we get a blistering heat spell.

Complaints from neighbors? None so far... This morning as I watered, the next door neighbor stopped by and said he was installing software for a company in Salinas, a farmer, and he said it was cool to watch them do the same tasks in the vineyard as we are. It sounded like a new planting with a similar trellis system.

The rest of the vines are doing great and we're seeing veraison in the zinfandel and syrah up front.
I hit the nursery today to buy more sage, lavender, thyme, and oregano to fill in with - I'll get those in the ground over the weekend too.

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