Saturday, July 04, 2009

Morning Vineyard Tour

Yesterday morning we set out to check on the 'southern' vineyards.

We visited the Epperson's 'Sesson' Vineyard to see how they are doing with their Cabernet Sauvignon planting. The vines are in year two and look right on schedule.

There's just over an acre planted right now, and yield should be around four tons from this site starting in 2011.

This is a warm site very similar to Crimson Clover and Uvas Creek.

We also visited Crimson Clover, which is in need of a re-tucking of the vines. I did a few plants as we walked around.

Over all the vineyard looked very healthy and the fruit set was good.

You can see the clusters with berries starting to fill out. The clusters from this site are usually pretty small.

Some of the 'dappled sunlight' that we are after on our clusters.
Stef did one row of tucking also to give an idea what it will look like when completed.

Both vineyards looked really good, and we were happy with the progress at each site.

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