Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where Has Our Co-Author Gone?

After getting a quote from Sears for $16,000+ for laminate and other outrageous 'Bush/Paris Hilton' era remodeling pricing feedback she's busy in the garage with a sander and a paint brush.

Stef's decided to take on the project herself and has started to rip apart our kitchen and is refinishing all the cabinets on her own. She's got doors off and is spending most of the day in the garage, so no blogging.

It's actually very good timing for us to do a project like this. Jerry and Rachel have the vineyards in excellent shape, and just a little work needs to get done before netting starts next week. Once the nets go on we'll be free from vineyard work for 5-6 weeks. Ever wonder why Europe goes on vacation in August? Because there's no work to do in the vineyards.

We will have a racking to get done in the winery and the pre harvest deep clean, so it won't be zero work, but Stef will have time to get this project done before Harvest.

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