Saturday, September 20, 2008

'Live' Harvest Update

This is the lower section of the Chardonnay. Amber is working hard harvesting in the background. We brought in just under tow tons of Chardonnay from just over an acre of vines. That's a low yield for the site. We expected yield to drop, we pruned more aggressively to reduce yields and dry farmed the site.

When you get a bottle of 'Stefania', Stefania actually made it! Here she is in the upper section harvesting grapes.

A vine after being picked.

Millie brings up grapes. We pick into 30 pound buckets here and go right into the crusher.

Kathy waving from the crush pad as we got started.

This was Jerry's first time as crew chief. He put a fantastic crew together (including his wife, brother and cousin). They picked clean, sorted grapes in the field, and worked very fast.

Weather was perfect for harvesting. Cool, in the 60's. Overcast and easy to work without heating up the grapes.

Stef's final lab readings where absolutely amazing. 25.5 BRIX, 3.4 pH and a TA of .72 We should be able to make a rich, powerful wine that will still be crisp and well balanced. I think Chardonnay growers all over the world would be jealous of those 'perfect' numbers.

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