Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ring, Ring, Beep, Beep.

For our first three releases we had used an efax account to get orders. It worked, was portable, and easy to set up. Last release though I got a number of complaints that faxes did not get through. We also had a couple of bad days around March Madness, when there were huge delays. That combined with a price increase of the efax service made setting up our own machine in the home office.

It also fit with a general direction we've been heading in this summer anticipating Stefania working full time on winery tasks. We plan on bringing in a lot of shipping and doing that ourselves, and Stef has spent a few weeks getting all the accounting in order and taken that over. So, having the orders come in on a live fax machine in our office made sense.

Every morning for the last week our little alarm clock goes off. Ring, Ring, Beep, Beep. The fax machine has started for the day. Usually it's about 6:30, but one morning it was 5:30. Still we don't mind at all. "Woohoo", one more order and we get to keep making wine, is the attitude we have.

One more wave of letters to be released still next week. Stef just walked out the door with the box of them to seal up today. She'll be in the winery doing lab tests and getting mailers ready. Jerry will be hauling barrels to Big Basin, and I'll be at the day job today.

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