Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Pictures From the Day.

I'm sure any attempt to sort these out would just lead to more time in front of the computer than I want to spend. We got everything done pretty fast today and made it back by 3:30, well ahead of schedule. Stef is making empanadas right now for the crew tomorrow. We may get a trip in to the gym tonight, but more likely I'll make some pasta and we'll watch football.

First Picture for Neil in New York's daughter. Sophie in the winery. This will be her 4th harvest. The first she had to watch in a little pen as she was just a 8 week old puppy.

If you look real hard you can see Jerry removing netting. They started at 7am and finished about 2PM.

Every bottle of Stefania, has some Stefania labor behind it. Here she is loading 1/2 ton bins in the pick up truck.

I lost. I'm the one who had to jump in the bin this year.

The Nielsen's 17 year old vineyard dog. She just barely makes it outside to check on us and then settles in on the porch.

Stef said I looked like a hippie. We pulled about 200 pounds of Zinfandel from a little backyard vineyard down the street from Crimson Clover. If it turns out ok, it will make its way into the Haut Tubee blend. (That's a brand new $1200 Seguin Moreau barrel in the background)

More for Neil in New York. Wild Turkeys on the road.

And a young doe in a driveway.

Jerry and Estelle's son Axle. Mostly when he comes out with them he plays with the dogs. At Chaine d' Or he swims with Sophie in the pool. He also likes to catch quail and then keeps them as pets. Here he's looking for nests in the vines.

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