Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Opening Day

Last night at the gym was a little hard. After working hard for 4 of the last 5 days, we still shuttled off at 7PM to hit the gym. We hadn't been since Thursday, but had been getting plenty of work done in the winery.

I rode the bike hard for 30 minutes and my legs felt tired. The weight room was where the last few days activity really showed. My body was pretty warn out. Instead of our usual 90-120 minutes, we were in and out in 75 minutes.

I think It's time to officially declare training camp over after 4 weeks. The regular season has started. We'll still be hitting the gym on days we don't work at the winery, but I'll need to change the routine. Less time on hard rides on the bike and strength training with weights. More time on endurance on the treadmill and bike, with light weights to keep muscles in shape.

We also need to change up the diet a little starting tonight. The bumps, scraps and bruises start to get bad now. Stefania is prone to getting bruises, so we'll be eating more spinach, chard, broccoli and bison. Those are all high iron foods that should help with healing.

It's probably a surprise to most people how much effort we're putting into being physically ready for all this. It is necessary though. It's hard work, long days, lots of lifting, and demands you stay sharp. I think we're pretty well prepared.

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Jim said...

Be sure to squeeze in some rest days if at all possible. Remember, fitness happens during rest. :)

BTW, I was psyched to be the first to input the '06 vintage into Cellar Tracker!