Friday, September 26, 2008

The Week Ahead.

Today will be an Office day for Stefania. I'll be at work, we gave Jerry the day off.

Tomorrow, we start going full speed, all out, non stop. We'll be moving bins to the Crimson Clover Vineyard and Jerry and his wife Estelle will be removing the bird netting. Stef and I will try and get all the bins moved in one block with two pick up trucks. We'll also help with the nets before heading off to pick up a third rental truck.

Sunday we pick. Probably about 1 1/2 tons. Normally I'd say 2+, but yields have been low this year. This vineyard is 4 years old, and next year yields will like be around 3 tons. We'll also be picking a little Zinfandel for the Haut Tubee blend.

It will be a busy day, shuttling the Cabernet to Big Basin, and processing it there, then the Zinfandel to Chaine d'Or.

Monday Jerry will clean out all the bins, and Stef and I will do more truck swapping. The rental will go back, and my Dad's truck will go back to him, and we will rent a long bed. Long bed trucks fit two 1/2 ton bins perfectly. Then we drive up to Eaglepoint Ranch. Our pick there is Tuesday, and we drive back to Big Basin. Hopefully things will go well and we should finish by 8PM.

Wednesday we'll sample the Woodruff Family Vineyard, and likely start picking for Pax Mahle on Thursday or Friday. If the numbers look good we'll pick for Hobo Wines on Saturday, and Storrs on Sunday. In all we should bring in 6-8 tons in that first rush. If we get through that I'll likely give everyone Monday the 6th off. I'll return to work, and everyone will rest for a day.

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