Thursday, September 11, 2008

Schedule coming together.

We're starting to narrow in on some picking windows for the start of harvest. I've heard that in Napa and Sonoma things are well under way, but we're still waiting here.

Friday we'll do our annual clean at the winery. Once a year everything gets a good scrub down to get anything we may have missed during routine cleaning during the year. We'll also prep, clean and test all the equipment. De-stemmer, pump, press, and the big tanks. Jerry already cleaned and prepped all the plastic bins on Monday.

Saturday will be the first pick. We'll harvest the Syrah, Zinfandel and some of the Grenache (a couple plants need another 7-10 days) at home for the Haut Tubee blend. Friday night we'll also test the Syrah and Zinfandel at the OttiGurr home vineyard and pick that Saturday as well.

The Crimson vineyard is close to ready. We may pick that next week. We need to check on flavors first. Those grapes will go to Big Basin Vineyards and we'll make the wine there.

Jerry is out taking samples today at the Woodruff Family Vineyard. It looks like we'll be picking all the Chardonnay next week, and some of the Pinot Noir. I may take a ton or so at the same time for us, but right now the plan is to get next weeks pick to Hobo Wines and Stores. Following that we'll pick for Pax Mahle, then finally Big Basin and ourselves. I may take a little at the same time we pick for Pax, so I can judge picking at different times.

So, off we go.........

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