Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall Colors Preview

The Fall Colors in the Haut Tubee vineyard are still very green. Very few leaves have turned color so far.

These grapes are still hanging on by the front door - they'll never ripen fully but I like to leave them for aesthetic purposes. When I asked Paul if I could put the two vines on either side of the walkway he was skeptical. It's really hard to convince him that not all of the vines have to produce usable fruit.

And then some pics of the front vines. The neighbor dude was passing by as I was taking these this morning and he asked why some of the new vines were more vigorous than others. It could be that I was too lenient on the water rationing this first year, but I'm not in any hurry to rush these into production. The primary goal was to remove the water hogging lawn so any fruit we harvest in a couple of years will be a bonus; Haut Tuvedre?

On Friday a.m. we'll start harvest at "the steep vineyard" on Arastradero. I anticipate crisp morning temperatures, followed by a warm afternoon.

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