Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Early Numbers

Tuesday night we took samples of Chardonnay at the Chaine 'd Or vineyard.

Upper Section:
Brix: 25
pH: 3.14
TA: .96

Lower Section:
Brix: 22
pH: 3.24
TA: 1.04

Brix: 23
pH: 3.25
TA: 1.01

As we walked through the vineyard Stef though everything tasted "Juicy and fruity but still tart." The numbers matched that assessment. We still need 7-10 days I think to get the pH a little higher and let the TA (Acidity) drop a bit more. The 1/4 inch of rain we had on Sunday night can be a risk, Chardonnay is prone to rot, but we saw no rot in the vineyard so the rain should actually help by keeping the BRIX in check while the acidity falls.

Ideal numbers for us would be 24-25 Brix, 3.4 pH and .8 TA so we're pretty close to that. The flavors are almost where we want them, The acidity is masking the fruit some now, so I think that will be key over the next week.

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