Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hot and Cold

"Up next, we have up to the minute weather in your neighborhood!"

I think that's the most ridiculous thing I hear regularly on TV. Am I living in a house with no windows or doors? Really, if I need up to the minute weather in my neighborhood I can look out the window. This past week the local weather dudes have been all a fluff about a 'record heat wave'. The California weather guys can get a little over dramatic about tiny changes in the weather, just because it changes so little. Really on May 1st each year the TV news report should be: "Fog in the morning, sun in the afternoon, highs in the 80's lower near the water, next update in October, have a nice summer."

Last week they were predicting 100+ degree days. Stef just discounted that right away. "There's fog coming in and the nights are in the 60's, it won't get to 100." She was right. It's been 90's and high 80's. Really the best source for weather in your neighborhood is someone who lives there and pays attention.

So we didn't panic at all that it would be too hot for the grapes, they really like high 80's and low 90's. It was good to be able to sit out last weekend and this week.

I've had a double whopper. I've been on call for Jury Duty all week, so far I have not been called, and it's pretty unlikely I'll have to go in tomorrow. Worse though is I've had a cold in my chest with coughing and general cold like symptoms. We will get started this weekend and next week will be busy, so I'm pretty confident if I do get called for Jury duty tomorrow, I'll be excused. The cold has been lingering too long, but I hope by this weekend I'm going better.

Tomorrow things get rocking and we will try and get an update out every night.

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