Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moving Chardonnay

We returned to the winery about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. Jerry had been there in the morning to do the morning punch down and put away the nets. The Chardonnay needs 24 hours to settle and should get to 55 -60 degrees. The temperature in the tank was right at 57 when we arrived.

Rare picture of me, usually I have the camera, but Stefania was working the pump and took this shot. I've got the hose and racking wand in the tank drawing off the juice and fine lees and trying to avoid getting the gross lees. The wine is pumped into an inside tank for fermentation. We don't add yeast, I like to let the native yeast go on their own, I think it makes a more complex wine.

This is what's left. The gross lees. Stef cleaned the inside of the tank while I cleaned the hoses, pump and other equipment we used.

This is a portion of the lees that Stef stuck in a 5 gallon glass carboy. Over the next couple of days about 4 inches of juice will rise to the top. Then it will start exploding all over the inside of the carboy as it ferments. She's described this to people but we thought we'd take pictures this year. It's really pretty gross to watch.

Then we punched down the Cabernet fermenting in one ton bins. The fermentation is going slow and cool, just how we want it to go. This will give us good color and fresh fruit flavors.

We also wipe down the sides of the bin to keep everything clean and prevent any spoilage from getting started.

We finished up about 5:30 and headed home. A nice easy day after three pretty tough ones.

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