Friday, September 18, 2009

More Numbers Coming In

Tuesday night we actually moved all the lab equipment from the winery in Woodside to our home. It's just easier to bring samples back here than drive up to Woodside each time we have a test to do right now. Woodside is also the most Northern site we have and our home is more in the middle.

Jerry was out gathering samples and Stefania ran tests yesterday morning. Here is her email to me:

Vista Verde:
Brix Hygrometer: 24
Brix Refractometer: 24
pH: 3.58
TA: .9
Visual appearance of seeds, many bright green
Juice a deeper red

Crimson Clover:
Brix Hygrometer: 25
Brix Refractometer: 24.95
pH: 3.67
TA: .7
Visual appearance of berries and seeds exceptional
Juice color visibly lighter color than above, though I probably didn't get as good a skin extraction due to the thicker skins.

Bottom line.....

We're going to turn the water on again at Crimson Clover to get through this weekends heat, then likely pick on Wednesday next week. Vista Verde still needs 10-15 days. Maybe right around October 1st. Stef has pictures she'll get up soon.

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