Thursday, September 17, 2009

On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!!

Ok, not quite "GO" yet, we still have another week or so before harvest kicks into gear, but we are getting very very close. I was going to tell you about the chardonnay numbers, but Paul beat me to it (see yesterdays blog).

If I remember, I'll take pics of the lab work today when I test the Crimson Clover cabernet samples.

Most other winegrowers are probably freaking out about the upcoming heat spike that is in the forecast but I think it's a great opportunity to give the grapes one last push of sugar energy. Once that sugar level peaks, it's all flavor ripening from there on out - I've tasted it, I've experienced it on my palate while walking the rows. It's in the skins. I can't really explain it beyond that.

Grape talk aside for a quick second, we saw Spamalot lastnight. Absolutely hilarious! A gas! Does anyone say that anymore? It was good to get out on a date and laugh at silly jokes, gestures, and totally absurd humor. I wasn't sure I would "get it" having never watched or understood any of Monty Pythons movies, but you didn't need to be familiar at all, though it helped with some of the parodies if you were.

I'm already talking about getting cheap seats for Saturday night and going with friends. Fourth row was nice, but there are no bad seats at the SJCPA so I'm headed back to the balcony this time.

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