Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Allocation Details

Our Fall release letters are going out on and about the 15th this month. We have all the details worked out on allocations. It's going to be tight I think. I'm pretty sure we will run out of wine pretty quickly. We broke the list up into 3 groups. The 'A' group is made up of people who have purchased before. For that group there are 4 different breakdowns on allocation amounts.

Everyone in the 'A' group did get at least a 3 pack allocation of all three wines. The people at the top tier were allocated 6 Syrah, 6 Haut Tubee and 12 Pinot Noir. There were just about 30 of those people. To tell you how tight we are, there are just 32 cases of Syrah left right now. What I'm figuring is that not everyone will take their full amount.

The 'B' group is made up of people who have signed up for our list since the last release. There are just over 130 of those people. They are going to get the option to purchase a combo 3 pack made up of one of each wine. There's also a slot for them to request additional wine if any makes it through the 'A' group.

The 'C' group is made up of people who signed up before last spring but have not purchased wine. That group is going to be given the chance to purchase the three 2007 wines we still have available (Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet, Uvas Creek Cabernet and Eagplepoint Syrah). There won't be enough 2008 to offer them any of that.

It's a little unusual to put newer sign ups in front of older sign ups but I thought it was important to give people a chance to try our wines and the 3 pack cost will be just $98. They will also have the option to purchase the 2007 wines we still have.

Over the next few days I'm going to be putting up notes on the three new wines. I tried to keep the letters brief so their are just basic tasting notes. I asked people to check the blog for more details on the wine so they will be up here shortly.


JB said...

Hi Paul,

Will there be a Crimson Clover Cab release this Fall?

--Jim Biles

Paul Romero said...

Jim - Crimson Clover will be in the spring with our 2009 Chardonnay and the 2008 SCM Cabernet.

NJFoodies said...

Wait, there are leftover 2007's still? What wines are they? =)

Paul Romero said...

Mark there is Uvas Creek Cab, Santa Cruz Mountains Cab and Eaglepoint Syrah left. We'll let people reorder those.