Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Company Retreat

Back in July I wrote about updating our business plan. Well I did finish the update and we have just a few financial reports to add once they've been checked off by our CPA. It looks like it will close out at just about 60 pages.

One thing we knew we needed to do was sit down together with all the shareholders (that's me and Stefania) and review the plan. We wanted to make sure we were in agreement on everything in the plan and that most important we both understood where we're going and what we're going to do in the years ahead.

I suppose we could have just set aside some time on a Sunday afternoon and sat down in the backyard. Everyone knows though how easy it is to get distracted with chores and tasks around the house so we planned on a get away. We couldn't go too far and really just had a couple days to spare so we spent Sunday and Monday in Monterey.

I've always really enjoyed Monterey and it was nice to spend a couple great days there. The weather was cool but sunny. We did spend Sunday afternoon on the balcony of our hotel room going over the business plan page by page. We even managed to do that without a glass of wine or a cocktail. At least until after we were done.

There was enough time left though to take a few long walks. We also ate on the wharf a couple of times and had a great time at the Cannery Row Brewing Company.

We don't really treat ourselves to very many perks as business owners. In the past 5 years the fanciest thing I think we've bought as a business expense is a new computer for me. My old one was a circa 1999 Mac, so it was clearly time for a new one. We decided this retreat was a good idea though and we're likely to make the business plan review an annual get away event.

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