Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Funny Quotes from the trip...

I know I'm missing one, but that's what I get for not writing it down...

Here are the three I did capture:

#1 "I am not high strung, I am energetic and enthusiastic with organizational skills"

#2 "Cross and Skull Bones"

#3 "I'm entertaining myself and it's not even physical this time"

The first one was in reference to Paul saying I'm high strung and Liz correcting him. She and I are scary similar ;-) (that was at the backyard party in NJ)

The second one is me screwing up Skull and Crossbones (that being the theme on a garment I was wearing for Tbird as I was explaining it to his wife)

And last but not least, the third quote was overheard on the trip home on the flight from L.A. The gentleman in the seat behind us was "chatty".


1 comment:

NJFoodies said...

You and Liz "scary similar?" Good God that is scary! I don't think the world is ready for another Liz! Yikes! LOL!

So great to see you guys, and looking forward to reading your notes!