Friday, September 10, 2010

Tourist Day

I just couldn't seem to pull out the camera today. I did take a couple of pictures inside the Capitol Building today. I've been to DC maybe 20 times now and this was my first trip inside.

We've been getting around on the Metro and have spent a lot of time in old town Alexandria.

Last night we had two really fantastic events. One friend set up a tasting for us at his law firm and it was the perfect setting for us to share our wines. I'd really recommend a visit to the Washington Harbor if you're on tour. It was an amazing setting looking out on Roosevelt Island.

After that we met up with old friends at Dino's. I'd also highly recommend this as a dinner night out. It's a kind of place I think we just don't have enough of and I hope we will see a trend towards more places like it. The food was rustic Italian. All very well prepared from fantastic ingredients and at an affordable price. Service was fantastic and there was a deep wine list.

I complain a lot at home that I can get better food, better service and better wine at home than most restaurants and the one's that can out do us at home want $200. Everywhere needs more places like Dino's.

Tonight we're off to downtown DC for a 'dress up' dinner!

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Frank Nerney said...


Welcome to the East Coast!
Hope you have a very successful visit. I am looking forward to meeting you and Stef tomorrow evening in New Jersey.

Best wishes

Frank Nerney
South Jersey Wine & Dine