Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to the Grind

I am my own worst boss. If I worked for me I'd quit after a week, seriously.

We were barely through the door lastnight and I was already making a mental list of all the things to get done today or before the end of the day Thursday - many are related to basic housekeeping and home maintenance, but all are necessary tasks given the threat of rain for Sunday (bring in the outdoor furniture for one...)

Paul is already tasking me for Friday doing some running around at the vineyards to start taking samples and see how things look.

I too have photos from the East Coast Tour to post up and some commentary to add so please hang in there and be patient while I work through the rest of my list...

It's good to be back and to have something to do besides eating and drinking; yep, the list includes some dietary changes for the upcoming week ;-)

Chat soon...gotta run

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