Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Falling out of love with Apple and the iPhone

We've written a lot about our iPhones and used them a great deal. I'm afraid that's all coming to an end though this month.

First there was a terrible experience with Apple, the Apple Store and Apple Support this month in an attempt to purchase an iPad.

I found the iPad totally and completely defective. It is NOT wireless compatible. Unlike other devices it only meets a limited number of wireless standards. I found this out after we purchased one and I was not able to get it to work on our home network. I also tried it at 7 other network points and was only able to get it to connect to 3 of the 7.

When I phoned support (after hours of self help), the friendly but totally unqualified support person's only suggestion was that I buy a new router. When I told him I would not do such a thing and that would not fix the problem with the other networks his response was. "Well I bought a new router and I love my iPhone." I replied that I could not buy a new router every where I need to use this device and he replied "That's to bad it's a really neat toy."

Neat toy.

Useless toy.

I returned it the next day. Apple wanted to know why I didn't like their service and gave them low marks on their survey's. Well no they really didn't give a snot. They called once. I returned the message and said I was traveling but they could call back when I returned. Some low level manager marked it off their tasks to do and I never heard back from anyone at Apple, the Apple Store or Apple Support about their lack of ability to give me a working device.

And then they charged me $50 for a restocking fee.

That's one lost customer for life. Enjoy the $50, I'll never spend another dollar with Apple as long as I live. I'm mean that way.

So that brought our ongoing problems with AT&T to a head. AT&T claims they cover 97% of America.


Among the place I don't get coverage:

The light rail station at 1st and Tasman. That's the main light rail terminal in San Jose.

The airport in San Jose. My signal drops every day when I drive by the airport. That's at 101 and 87 (Google Map it), or just about the busiest place in San Jose.

My office - which is near 1st and Tasman and 1/3 mile from the HQ of a little company called Cisco.

My living room or anywhere else in my house or backyard. We live at Blossom Hill and Snell in San Jose. Next time your in town ask someone where that is. It's one of the busiest intersections in town and 1 mile from the second biggest mall in town. Everyone will know.

Of course coverage is spotty in the vineyards and winery. We expect that, but we can't really run a business with a service that can't get coverage in the 9th largest city in America.

If you have suggestions for alternatives please send us a note. We are out shopping now for new phones and a new provider. Apple and AT&T might be 'Neat Toys', but we need a reliable business tool.

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Dave said...

Thankfully I've now switched offices from Menlo Park down to Santa Clara. The MPK campus was pretty much an AT&T dead zone.